Puppies and Cropping

Great Danes’ ears naturally hang by their cheeks. Both natural and cropped ears are acceptable in the show ring. Breeders have varying opinions whether their puppies should be cropped or should be allowed to stay as they are. This is a matter that you should discuss with your breeder and agree upon prior to the purchase of your puppy.

If you decide to crop, or if your puppy arrives already cropped, there is much aftercare and dedication on your part to ensure the ears will stand erect. Time, patience and persistence for a few months will ensure standing ears for life.

Your breeder should provide you with instructions on taping. If they are close by and offer to tape for you – take them up on it!

Anti-Cropping Legislation

The GDCC feels that presentation of Great Danes with cropped ears is representative of our breed’s heritage and, should we no longer be allowed to present our Danes in this manner, an important part of our breed history could be lost. Consequently, the GDCC has chosen to support our members’ right to choose whether or not to crop their Great Danes.

The Cropping Controversy

The The Great Dane is, historically, a cropped breed. Danes were originally used as war and guard dogs, and to hunt wild boar. Because their ears were often torn by the boars’ tusks during the hunt, they were cropped very short. Over the years, this short crop has evolved into the longer, elegant crop many associate with the Great Danes of today.

The Canadian Kennel Club Great Dane breed standard makes reference to both cropped and un-cropped ears, and gives a detailed description of each. It is perfectly acceptable to show Danes either way, and no preference should be given to either in the show ring.

The Great Dane Club of Canada has members who prefer to have their puppies cropped, those who prefer not to, and those who will crop or not depending on the individual puppy and the home it will go to. The ears are cropped by a veterinarian, under general anesthesia. Proper aftercare and taping are required to ensure that the desired result (ie. an erect ear) is achieved.

The Great Dane Club of Canada supports the rights of their breeder-members to choose how they wish to present the Danes they breed. Either choice is acceptable according to the breed standard, and the ultimate decision to crop or not is left to the individual.