From time to time, Danes need new loving homes. The reasons are diverse – from irresponsible breeders or puppy mills to situations such as divorce, death or other family crisis. Dedicated Great Dane breeders and/or owners often get together to assist with the rescue of these Danes. A responsible Great Dane breeder will make every effort to ensure that their puppies do not end up in a Rescue.

All Danes received into Rescue, are given veterinary care as required; some may only require a check up to confirm good health while others may need more attention. As well, all Danes received into Rescue are either spayed or neutered. Finally, their temperaments are carefully assessed to ensure placements into appropriate environments.

Any Dane owner knows the sensitivity these wonderful dogs possess. They are very people oriented and must be part of the family. Danes who are surrendered to Rescue are usually frightened and bewildered but most have the potential to become wonderful, cherished family pets very deserving of someone to love them.

Typically the cost of adopting a Rescue Dane is quite modest. While Rescue groups must recoup any veterinary expenses and food costs to enable them to help the next rescue it is not their goal to make money. They work to place these Danes with the ultimate goal of finding them a permanent loving home.

The Great Dane Club of Canada is not directly involved in Great Dane Rescue.

If you are interested in either adopting a Dane or opening your home to foster a Dane in need until a permanent home can be found, please contact one of the dedicated Rescue groups below.

The below Rescue groups are run by members of the Great Dane Club of Canada but are independent from the Great Dane Club of Canada.

For the Love of Danes Rescue Society (BC/AB)
Sharon Mooney

New Hope For Danes
Phone: 306-730-5302
Website: Under construction. For now, please visit their Facebook page.