What Should I Expect From My Breeder? What is Expected of Me?

Determining if a breeder is a reputable one can be confusing to a beginner. Ideally you should be able to visit the breeders home and see for your self what kind of environment your puppy comes from. Gut feelings can be very important!

Reputable breeders will:

  • Be proud to show you their dogs. They will be clean, healthy and happy.
  • Require you to sign a contract outlining the sale conditions upon which they will sell you a puppy.
  • Inform you of the health clearances done on the parents
  • Provide you with a pedigree

As well, you should expect to be questioned by your breeder! Any reputable breeder will want to know a lot about you, your lifestyle, and your plans for the puppy. If you are interested in a pet puppy (not to show in conformation) you should be required to spay/neuter your puppy. These people invest a lot of time, love and money into improving their lines. They will be concerned about where their puppies go.
Breeders who will not supply you with the information above, or seem uninterested or unwilling to be upfront with you should be avoided.