Why Choose a Registered Great Dane?

It is strongly recommended that buyers wishing a purebred puppy purchase ONLY a registered Great Dane. It is only in this way that you will be guaranteed a purebred puppy and it reflects the commitment and sincerity of the breeder.

Purchasing an unregistered Great Dane is unwise on many fronts. Will this ‘breeder’ stand behind the puppy? What if inherited health issues arise – are they prepared to replace the puppy or refund your money? Have the parents been tested clear of eye, thyroid or hip problems? Can you call them for advice on your puppy or with any problems you may encounter? Likely not.

We recommend that you begin your search with reputable breeders who are members of the Great Dane Club of Canada. Should one not be able to supply you with the type of puppy you are looking for, they can refer you to other known reputable breeders.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Great Dane Puppy
In choosing a purebred puppy you assure yourself of many characteristics, which your adult dog will have. A healthy puppy is round and robust. It should be friendly and outgoing-a bundle of kisses and tail wags. At the puppy stage, they should be playful. The coat should be shiny and the eyes bright. A mentally sound puppy should not be shy or reserved. This may be the sign of an unsteady or nervous temperament.

You should inquire about the health of the Great Danes in the breeder’s line and the temperament of the dogs. Although it is not always possible to meet the sire of the puppies it should usually be possible to meet the dam. Her manner will provide you with a good indication of the temperament of the line. A good breeder knows the background of the puppies and should be a good source of information to the to the purchaser. They should be available for support throughout your dog’s life. All breeders with years of experience will have encountered some health issues. Any long time breeder who claims to have never had health issues should be avoided.

Registration of your new Great Dane is the responsibility of the breeder of your dog. The Canadian Kennel Club is the registration body for puppies born in Canada while the American Kennel Club is the registration body in the United States of America. In Canada, the Canadian Kennel Club under the jurisdiction of the Federal Department of Agriculture’s Animal Pedigree Act administers the conditions of registration. This Act states that registration papers must be provided for any animal sold as purebred, at no additional cost to the purchaser within six months of the date of sale. The Act provides for stiff penalties for those persons not adhering to these conditions.

Terms of Sale
The terms of sale of your Great Dane puppy should be in writing between you and the breeder. This agreement should contain information about the expectation that the breeder has of the purchaser such as the signing of a non-breeding contract, the diet to be fed, the immunization protocol to be followed. For example, there it may be wise to discuss the matter of ear cropping. Although many breeders !crop the ears on the puppies they sell, they are others who refuse to allow any of their puppies to be cropped. Most breeders tend to be more flexible.
If you are uncertain about any of the terms of sale it is important that they be clarified prior to the sale. If you cannot accept the terms it is best not to proceed with the purchase until both you and the breeder are in agreement over the terms of the sale. Details may become very important if a problem does arise in the future. Even the with most conscientious breeders problems may arise. Some breeders feel that if any part of the agreement is violated that the whole agreement is invalid.